Volunteer Mentors are a vital part of Louisville Youth Group. In all activities with youth, mentors are needed to:

Maintain a safe space for youth
We work very hard to ensure LYG is a space free of harassment, discrimination, intimidation or bullying at all times.  

Build trust through confidentiality
Mentors build trust and a sense of safety within Louisville Youth Group by keeping all personal information within the group. 

Mentor first
While many mentors have professional training as therapists or educators, when at LYG, their role is to be a trustworthy adult guide.

Lift up our youth
Put downs, harsh destructive criticism and biting sarcasm run the risk of belittling people. While at LYG, we ask that mentors communicate from an asset based and “put-up” framework. Accentuating the positives in our participants will help build their sense of self and create a place of mutual respect.

Promote positive discussion
Mentors encourage intentional, meaningful, and respectful dialogue. They help shift conversations that help young people seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Keep an eye out for needs
Within our safe and trusting environment, young people sometimes share information on serious personal or family problems. Mentors are trained to look for and respond appropriately to urgent and ongoing needs of youth.

Interested in applying to become an LYG Mentor? We are looking for engaged, caring adults who our youth can count on! Learn more: